PhiPAL app - Concept

PhiPAL is more than just an accident detection monitor. PhiPAL utilizes AI machine-learning technology and off-grid connectivity to make sure the adventures last a lifetime. The app is the companion of the device itself and lets the customers experience their adventures and manage the PhiPal through the Bluetooth connectivity.

The product has been a Kickstarter campaign ->´╗┐

The process 

The first idea was to create an app which took advantages of the sensors onboard of modern smartphones: GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope.  The app was able to collect all the raw data from internal sensors and compare them with data with the data provided from the external device developed by the SaphiBeat company.

After the initial brief, I created the first batch of user flows and organized a lo-fi prototype validation test with real users. I also created a set of icon needed for the app and for the Kickstarter campaign. 


User Interface

Once completed the first UX analysis, I focused on the UI, starting from an inspiration Mood board to collect the right ideas.


Then, I started with the UI design with Sketch app. The output was represented by several sketch files (one for each user journey) and an interactive prototype which was shared with users for the last batch of user testing. This was a Proof of Concept and a Kickstarter Campaign project, so I was more focused on the UI than the UX. I needed to have something professional-looking in a very short time. 

I also designed an area for social interactions with other adventurous people, based on gamification rules, leaderboards, badges, and sharing of adventures and statistics. An area for the PhiPal device management (configuration, status and statistics) was designed to complete the integration with product.


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